The 4-week programs are usually weaved in between regular sessions. They are designed to dive deeper into a specific work-related skill or theme over the course of 4 weeks, which allows employees to start cultivating better habits at work. During the program concrete work-related strategies and mindful techniques will be practiced and shared with the group. After each session employees are invited to implement and exercise these techniques for the week ahead. Since it takes 21 days to create a new habit or pattern, the programs allow employees to get underneath the skin of one theme at a time and genuinely cultivate new patterns and habits to positively improve and impact the way they work and function - individually as well as in the group. 



Focusing in todays workspace is difficult. Distractions are everywhere and they impact our ability to focus and be attentive and productive at work. In fact, attention has become such a limited resource that we now more than ever before are competing for our own attention. We are so busy multitasking trying to accomplishing everything at the same time that we hardly accomplish anything. And it's very dissatisfying. We therefore have to relearn focus as well as how to anchor our attention so that we can be more productive and effective at work. 

In this program we will explore how to do exactly that. We will explore how to sustain focus so as to increase concentration, productivity and with that unlock deeper states of work-related flow. Over the course of the program employees will become aware of their habits and tendencies and be offered concrete strategies on how to help themselves create and sustain focus during the day. As we come towards the end of the program employees will experience an increased focus as well as know how to unlock it when it is lost.



Being able to develop and cultivate healthy relationships are crucial for the success of any business. Luckily, it is human nature to want to connect. Our brains are simply wired to want to connect with others, as we experience feelings of reward during mutual social interactions. Some of the foundations for a healthy relationship is cooperation, trust and mutual respect. These traits are physiologically bound and can be cultivated. 

In this program we will explore how to cultivate stronger and healthier connections. We will look into how we can improve the way we communicate, act, cultivate and receive the other person. We will start from the inside and work our way out. Over the course of the program we will explore how, through the implementation of mindful practices, we can improve our inter- and group-related relations as well as build an environment of trust and respect so that we get to strengthen our relations and make our work more fruitful and enjoyable. 



Kind employees contribute to a more happy and harmonious workplace. They are better colleagues and partners, but they are also highly treasured amongst clients. They are a pleasure to do business with, which is important for growth. All in all, they are invaluable assets to the company and it is therefore crucial to cultivate a culture of kindness. This in turn will also heighten the employees happiness and job satisfaction. And when employees are happy they are more likely to produce better work. A win-win for everyone. 

In this program we will explore how to increase kindness in all aspects of your work, whether it relates to the way you communicate, act or carry yourself. Employees will receive concrete yet simple strategies on how to connect more deeply with their colleagues, co-workers and clients. This in turn will lead to greater work-related happiness for everyone involved.



Confidence in business is trusting in your decisions, believing in your abilities, and being okay with your limitations. It is liking who you are and believing in your abilities to do something successfully. Confident people are therefore often found very competent. They bring themselves with no residues and are perceived authentic, captivating and passionate. In business this is a great skill to posses when dealing with clients, vendors and suppliers, but also internally in the company this has its benefits.  

In this program we work on gaining greater confidence through various techniques and exercises. Employees will be offered concrete yet simple strategies to easily implement at work. Over the course of the program we will work on building and cultivating confidence so we can feel more centered and calm in our decisions and abilities. At the end of the program you will know how to access confidence when you need it the most - whether it is to nail a pitch, presentation or an important meeting or simply to feel more confident in your own abilities to do something successfully.